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The AAM Guarantee was created for you to be able to trust in the products you are buying. We believe in our products so strongly that we warranty our products against defects in materials and workmanship for a lifetime, without any unnecessary paperwork or mumbo jumbo mess. This warranty applies to product materials and construction under responsible use and does not include loss, theft or intentional damage.


Actions speak louder than words, so while we could write up a fancy warranty with all kinds of legal jargon, we prefer to take the gentleman’s approach and treat our warranty program as a matter of trust. Ownership of any AAM product automatically falls under the AAM Guarantee regardless of whether or not you are the original owner. No time limit applies and no registration is necessary.


In the unlikely event that one of our products does not perform in the manner in which it was designed and engineered, we will make it right and ensure that the issue is resolved as quickly as possible. Should you have an issue contact


Just know we appreciate the opportunity to share with you, our passion for creating incredible products at a realistic price, all the while giving you first-rate customer service. Your experience is our responsibility 

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