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Being a relatively new manufacturer, we get this question often. The simple answer is AAM strives to create high end rifles that are accurate, reliable, and affordable.

But what makes them so accurate, reliable, and affordable?


Glad you asked. We achieve this by using the best materials and tools available and combining them with precious time. Each receiver set is hand fit to ensure a perfect fit between the upper, lower, and handguard. Upper receivers are held to tight tolerances requiring barrels be pressed into place to ensure optimal accuracy is achieved.  Gas blocks are secured by dual barrel dimples and Loctite set screws. Bolt carrier groups are impinged with tungsten disulfide to improve reliability. Each rifle is fired prior to leaving our shop to not only ensure functionality, but also to verify the correct buffer spring and weight have been chosen for that particular rifle. These are just some of the details that aren't noticed at first glance.

We don't deny there are many other reputable manufacturers that make great products. However, you would be hard pressed to find another rifle that is of this quality and contain these amount of features for the price. 

Rifles are built to order, so that you get exactly what you want. Typical lead time is 1-2 weeks.

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